Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brody's 2!

I cannot believe that my baby boy is now 2!  it is amazing that just 2 years ago he was fighting for his life and now he is running around, climbing everything and stealing all the Christmas m&ms!  i love him so!
Yes, those are his sister's john deere
nana and cosmo

this is what happens when you do not get a godzisz cookie cake- opps!


pinata time!

so precious

he was so excited to have a monkey on his back

loved his car and didn't want to open anything else up!

Grandaddy and lala

Merry Christmas

Looking back over the year,, we stand in awe of the awesome God we serve!  This time last year our little Amaya was in the hospital and the Christmas before, Brody was born and in the hospital.  So, this Christmas we rejoice! We are so blessed and thank the Lord for our family being healthy and all together! A year ago we would have never imagined that we would be working at such an amazing camp and raising our own support!  God has been so faithful and has truly taught us to walk by faith.  Trusting that the Lord would guide us to the ministry that He had designed for our family.  We have a busy year coming up which includes, New Year’s Eve bash, Ski trips, Father/ Son Weekends, and our regular summer season.  We begin the year running 90 miles per hour!  At our church, Living Water Baptist, we have been helping out with the student ministry.  David and I were asked to go on the Winter Retreat and David is the speaker for the weekend.  At camp, we just completely winterized our second cabin just in time for a group to come in January.  Then, we are so blessed to go to Nashville, TN to speak at a church that signed up with us to go to Mexico to build houses with Casas Por Cristo.  And finally, we end up in Florida, where David is the speaker for a Disciple Now weekend!!  You can keep up with us by checking out our facebook page, following us on twitter, or checking out our blog.  Our new website is up and running and we have added a place to set up a monthly donation or a yearly donation.  With every gift, you are giving  to further the Kingdom of Christ through Screamin’ Eagle Outfitters.  Thank you again for being apart of our ministry at SEO!
We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and may we remember that our God sent His Son to this earth to be our Savior!  May we rejoice this Christmas for the true reason of the birth of Jesus Christ!  He is Alive!!!!
We love you all and May the Lord bless you all for your giving hearts!
my cool dude

                                                  so excited to decorate the Christmas tree
decorated or shall i say eating the gingerbread house

our first snow

maylee got me with a snowball

their snowman

the cousins