Thursday, October 21, 2010

moving to serve

This month has been so busy.  We have finally moved near camp and we are renting a house in Hendersonville.  We are about 1/10 of a mile from down-town Hendo, which is awesome.  We are really enjoying being back in the mountains.  David has been busy working at camp, trying to figure out where exactly he fits into everything there.  We had a great work day this month and have had some school groups out to the camp.  We just got back from a mission trip to Juarez, Mexico with Casas por Cristo and one of our greatest friends and inspirations in the world, Brittany Girle.  We built a home for a family in three days...and an outdoor shower...and an outhouse!  It was great to be able to be worn out at the end of the day knowing that we were able to be at least a little bit of the light of Christ to a family in need.  We are hoping to do more trips like this through SEO.  There are many churches and groups that stay away from a mission trip like this because they simply don't know how to make it happen.  That's why we want to help guide these trips through SEO.  We have been going to a local church called Living Water Baptist Church and look forward to the ministry opportunities there.  It looks like there is room to plug into the student ministry as well as the missions team, two places that we absolutely adore.  Michelle has been homeschooling Maylee and she is now learning to read.  Amaya and Brody join in on the fun at school with us.  Brody is climbing everything and being a normal boy...meaning that he is falling off of most everything that he climes!  Amaya is really becoming independent and still remains her tiny self.  We are looking forward to this Fall and more groups coming to camp.  It has been a huge blessing for us to be able to move up here and start serving the way that God has designed us to.  Please come and visit anytime and thank you for supporting and praying for our family.  

here we are with Britt and Rev on the Young Harris/Church Without Walls trip!

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