Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mexico/Hueco Tanks

David and I were blessed to get to go together to Mexico for the first time.  We have always either been on different builds or one of us couldn't go!  Not only was it a blessing to get to go together but to get to go with our best friend Brittany, who is the missionary with Casas Por Cristo.  It was awesome to get to see her lead our group in the build.  I pray for the Ramirez family and I was blessed to be apart of their story!  I pray the Lord continues to keep them safe and warm this winter.  Not only did we get to build with YHC alumni but our favorite Rev. was apart of the group.

                                          the famous church from 10 years ago!
                                          lunch break
                                          the roof!
                                         laying the foundation!
                                         the family with their new home!
the rev's!!!!!!!!

We stayed a couple of days after the group to get to hang out with Britt and she took us to Hueco Tanks.  I bouldered for the first time on real boulders instead of a indoor climbing wall!  It reminded me of the good old days at YHC.   The memories flooded my mind while we sat on top of that huge rock in the middle of no where.  Tears fill my eyes just to think about those days and the friends we made at YHC.  I miss them! I never thought that 10 years later we would still be apart of each others lives like we are now!  We sat on that bouldering pad and it was like we were sitting on our dorm couch again.  Ten years worth of adventures and I can't wait for more.   I am thankful that I can now add Hueco Tanks to my memory of things we had together as 3!  
being goofy

                                          the beast
                                                    no explanation needed


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