Thursday, November 25, 2010

This season we are so Thankful to our Lord!

We sit here writing this and we are overwhelmed by how much we are in awe of where God has our family and how thankful we are to be His servants! This Thanksgiving season, we pray that you can take a moment to truly thank the One who gave it all.  We stand with our hands held high in praise to God who has blessed us with three beautiful children, a place to call home and a ministry that we love and can truly say we love to go to work every day.  The dreams that we had are being fulfilled because of faithful people like you who give so graciously to our ministry... So thank you all!
This month we had a group from our old home church Bethlehem Baptist that came up to camp.  They spent the weekend serving at our camp, playing and worshipping.  It was so good to see familiar faces and to welcome them to SEO.  David spent a long weekend in Nashville, TN at a youth conference promoting our camp.  We signed two groups up for a Mexico Missions trip with Casas Por Cristo through SEO.  The phone has been ringing at camp with groups signing up for the summer and our hearts leap with joy.  A church donated materials and labor and we were able to winterize two of our four cabins.  Another SEO Champion met the need for a new commercial refrigerator at camp.  We are blessed more than we deserve and amazed at His work.

Our three precious children have kept us on our toes.  Maylee is now a reader!  She loves knowing how to read and we are no longer able to communicate by spelling things out because she can figure it out now!  Our new addition, Jax (Maylee’s dog) keeps her quite entertained and she has done a great job taking on the responsibilities of having a puppy.  Amaya has amazed us at how quickly she has learned her letters, sounds and numbers.  Some of her favorite things are dolls and barbies unlike Maylee who would rather be with animals and be outside.  And then there is wild man Brody, who loves to climb everything and get into everything.  We call him swipper from Dora because anything the girls play with he will sneak up and grab.  It is quite humorous to watch.  They bring so much joy to our lives and we are thankful! 
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Jumping Off,
David and Michelle Godzisz

                                                       We just adore these guys!

                   Maylee pushes Jax around in this stroller and he doesn't care!!  Good Dog!

                                                            Doc loves camp life!

                                                                          Maylee doing the Trust Fall!

                                                            David leading low ropes!

                                 Maylee loves camp and being apart of the group with her 80's hair!

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